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8:15 AM to 3:00 PM
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11:05 AM - 12:05 PM

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11:35 AM - 12:35 PM

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12:05 PM - 1:05 PM

AM Kindergarten
8:15 AM to 11:05 AM
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12:05 PM to 3:00 PM

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AM Kindergarten 
9:45 AM to 11:55 AM

PM Kindergarten
12:55 PM to 3:00 PM

Grades 1 - 5
9:45 AM to 3:00 PM

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Poole, Tammy
O'Brien, Dianne
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Assistant Secretary
Patel, Dipika
Registered Nurse


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Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 Superintendent Dr. David Moyer joins more than 400 school chiefs from across the state, representing 1.35 million students, in calling for the Illinois General Assembly to immediately pass a state budget. The grassroots initiative - called “Pass Illinois’ Budget!” - also urges lawmakers and Governor Rauner to improve the state’s education funding formula, and pay school districts millions of dollars owed in unpaid bills this year.

As legislators return to Springfield following their spring break, school districts are using school marquees to share their frustration with the state budget crisis and taking to social media with a call to #PassILBudget. As of April 24, 2017, the state now owes District 205 $3,670,579 and has been operating without a full budget for the past 22 months.

“I stand with over 400 superintendents from across the state in a call for action,” said Dr. Moyer. “We need to end the impasse now and move forward with a budget that will serve the two million K-12 Illinois public school students who represent our future.”

The superintendents are calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor to do the following:

  • Immediately, and with bipartisan support, end the state budget impasse.
  • Improve the state’s education funding formula and invest in students and schools, including higher education, throughout the state.
  • Pay school districts what they are owed this year.

While K-12 education has benefited from a partially-funded state budget, Illinois schools, students, families, and communities will continue to suffer without a full state budget. Districts will continue to struggle if “Mandated Categoricals,” state payments which support special education, bilingual education, transportation, and other important services, do not get paid this year. District 205 has not received three categorical payments this year. Here are the largest funds due:

  • Transportation -$990,078.06
  • Special Education - $2,616,602.18
  • State Free Lunch - $1,818.25
  • Driver’s Education - $22,080.28
  • Early Childhood - $40,000.00

State revenue accounts for about 8.13 percent of District 205’s operating budget or $9,341,790. The General State Aid payments, which support general operating expenses, are being paid on time, however, the categorical payments are not. District 205 has not received any categorical payments this year with the exception of one late quarter payment from last fiscal year.

"Because this money reimburses costs to existing programming, and because the majority of these services are required by law, the District will likely have to consider either spending down its fund balance, which is an unsustainable solution, or study options to reduce spending in other programming areas in which discretionary decisions are possible," noted Dr. Moyer.

More than 400 superintendents, representing 66 percent of Illinois’ public school students from Carbondale to Chicago to Rockford have joined the effort. Please see press release link below to view the list. Please also reference the Frequently Asked Questions document via the link below.


Dear Field Families:

Have you noticed the beautiful tulips popping up in front of the building? Last fall’s clean-up day at Field included planting bulbs and now we have beautiful tulips popping up everywhere. Thank you again to those parent and student volunteers who shared their time and talents. Your hard work is sprouting up!

Currently, Field has some pretty amazing beautification projects going on that you may have noticed. In the front yard a bench is being installed by the kindergarten doors for families to enjoy. Behind the school a picnic table is being installed under a shade tree. Students who want to find a shady spot to sit and chat with friends will now be able to do so. Thank you to the PTA for purchasing the bench and picnic table.

As you can see the end of the year is full of special activities.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, May 3 - BRAG Night 6 to 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday, May 2 - PTA Meeting at 7 PM
  • Tuesday, May 9 - Robert Crown Parent Presentation at 7 PM in the Field Auditorium (For all parents of fifth graders District-wide)
  • Thursday, May 11 - Fourth/Fifth Grade Choir Concert at 6:45
  • Tuesday, May 16 - May, June and July Birthday lunches with the Principal
  • Wednesday, May 17 - Student Late Arrival (School begins at 9:45/Supervision at 9:10)
  • Thursday, May 18 - Fifth Grade Performance at 7 PM
  • Tuesday, May 23 - Field Day (Rain date is Wednesday, May 24)
  • Thursday, May 26 - Laser Show Assemblies
  • Monday, May 29 - No School - Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, May 31 - Last Day of School for Kindergarten
  • Thursday, June 1 - Last Day of School for Grades 1 through 5 - Half Day Dismissal at 11:15

Good News – The following students were sent to my office for good things as part of the Good News Program:

  • Ainsley Light - Nominated by Ms. Stevenson
  • J.D. Price - Nominated by Ms. Stevenson
  • Emily Fehlberg - Nominated by Mrs. Fried

I am so proud of you boys and girls. Keep up the good work!

Staff Updates for Next Year – I want to share some sad news with you regarding a couple of Field staff members who will not be returning next year.

  • Mr. Hartnett, Fourth Grade Teacher, was originally scheduled to retire at the end of the 2018 school year but he has recently decided to retire at the end of this year. He will definitely be missed at Field for all of his years of service.
  • Since we will have three sections of fifth grade next year, Mrs. Rysko will be moving back to fourth grade.
  • Ms. Dolewski, Social Worker, has been out this year since she took a one year leave of absence after her maternity leave. She has decided not to return to her position and will be staying home with her family. She is looking forward to spending time with her precious children. She will be missed at Field by all.
  • Ms. Salaman has been the Social Worker sub this year and I am thrilled to announce I have hired her permanently in this position. For those of you who don’t know her, she has a passion for helping all students. On at least 10 occasions this year I have asked her to see various students for anxiety, social skill help and other reasons. Her answer has always been one word, “Absolutely!” She is student centered, positive and very involved as the PBIS co-chair. Lastly, she brought the American Ninja Warrior course to our school for PBIS. Our students are in good hands with her!

Birthday Lunches with the Principal – The students with summer birthdays always worry they won’t have their birthday lunch with me but there is no need to worry. I will be celebrating with students who have May, June and July birthdays on Tuesday, May 16. With the nice weather our birthday lunches have been outside in the reading garden which the students love.

BRAG Night – Bring Relatives Attention to Growth Night is coming up District-wide in Elmhurst. We are excited to have you come back to school from 6 to 7:30 PM on Wednesday, May 3rd to view student work in the classrooms and hallways. Feel free to invite other family members as well.

Class Lists – We have started working on class lists as a school. Please know we put a great deal of time and effort into placing students into classrooms. Teachers take the following into consideration and divide students accordingly:

  • Balance the number of boys and girls in each classroom.
  • Balance the number of high, medium and low students in each classroom.
  • Accommodate students who receive extra support such as students with IEPs and students receiving ELL services to determine the best option to meet their needs. This allows the staff to provide research-based support to students based upon their needs, as well as use our resources most efficiently.

As you can see it is a complicated procedure. Parents frequently ask teachers who they think would be a good fit for their student. This is a very tough question both personally and politically as most teachers haven’t really seen each other teach and many feel uncomfortable making such recommendations about their peers. Given the information above please keep in mind I cannot always honor all parent requests for specific teachers as a result.

American Ninja Warrior Course – The students are still working hard to earn the much anticipated warrior course. They need 25 total points/days without any office referrals. They are at 16 so I know they can make it!

Speech Information – Please review the newsletter from Mrs. Schneider, our Speech Pathologist.

Fifth Graders Going to Churchville Middle School or Sandburg Middle School Next YearDr. Moyer met with parents on Thursday, April 13 from 7 to 8 PM in Sandburg's auditorium to share information about the middle school task force and soliciting information and feedback on the implementation of the new schedule for next year. Sandburg’s Parent Night will be on Monday, May 8 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM in Sandburg's auditorium.

If you live in the Churchville boundaries for middle school the Parent Orientation Night is Thursday, May 23 at 6:30 to 7:30 PM. Also, on this evening, parents interested in Band/Orchestra/Choir are welcome to stay for a brief presentation afterwards.

PARCC Tests – PARCC testing is almost done! Third grade students are now starting make-up tests. I am certain the students did well and were adequately prepared for the rigor that the PARCC test is designed to test students on. I am proud of their positive attitude and determination to do well. I was helping to administer the PARCC test to some students and was amazed at the ability level of our students in answering these questions. 

Kids Say the Funniest Things – I must say the students at Field from kindergarten through fifth grade have been very vocal and open with me about their feelings regarding me leaving Field. Many of them have told me exactly how they feel which has brought upon a mixture of emotions from pure laughter to sadness so I thought I would share a few stories with you:

  • A first grader came running down the hall to hug me one day. She threw her arms around me and said, “Mrs. Poole why are you leaving the school?” I explained I was taking a job closer to my house. I said your dad emailed me to congratulate me and he said he drives a long way to his job too. Then without a moment’s hesitation she responded, “Well, he isn’t moving!” My response was alright you need to head to class now! (I mean, how can you argue with that?)
  • I was visiting a second grade classroom and two students said, “Mrs. Poole please do not leave”. I responded I was going to work closer to my house and have an assistant principal to help me. They looked at me and said, “Well can’t you just stay until we are 18!” I informed them that they won’t be at Field until they are 18 to which they were completely shocked to hear.
  • One of the fifth graders was upset with my decision and had many questions for me. He didn’t seem happy with my decision to which I reminded him he would not even be at Field next year since he would be at Sandburg. He then replied, “I still want to know what the options are for Field for my sister.”

Do you see why I love these kids at Field? It is these daily conversations and the funny things they say that warm my heart! They simply speak from their hearts.

As always if you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me at or at 630-834-5313. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Poole

Field Principal

Our District 205 Belief Statements:

  • All students must learn and grow.
  • We accept shared responsibility for student growth.
  • We make decisions based on what is best for students.
  • We are a future-focused community of learners.

The RevTrak Web Store is getting a makeover. This new mobile-friendly design will simplify end-user experience when making payments from any device. Visit the Web Store through any web browser on the device of your choosing – it’s that easy. In addition to the responsive design, the following features have been added:

  • Quick, two-step checkout process
  • Convenient login window

Access the Customer Account Guide and Webstore Guide for further details.


The Elmhurst History Museum reminds second graders and their schools that the annual Ruth Strand Poster Contest will soon begin. Packets with contest information and entry forms will be sent to all District 205 second grade teachers during the first week of April. The 2017 deadline for poster entries is Friday, May 5, by 5:00 PM. Schools with ten or more participants will earn a $100 grant for the school’s library from the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation, so please be sure to take advantage of this special opportunity. For more information or to download entry forms, visit the History Museum’s website.


Winners and their families will be honored at a reception in the Elmhurst History Museum’s Education Center on Wednesday, May 24, at 4:00 PM. In addition, the contest winners will be invited to march in the Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29 and be recognized by the City Council on Monday, June 5. Posters will be displayed at the museum throughout the summer months, and winning entries will be exhibited at Elmhurst City Hall.


The Elmhurst District 205 Summer Instrumental Music Program offers an exciting opportunity for all current 4th -8th grade band and orchestra students and 6th – 8th grade choir students to continue with instrumental music instruction in June and July. Regular practice during the summer months is critically important for band and orchestra students to reinforce the concepts and skills that they have learned and practiced during the school year. Moreover, learning and playing music is an activity that should be enjoyed year ‘round.

  • The Summer Instrumental Music Program will run from June 12 through July 14. (No class on July 3 or 4.)
  • The registration fee is $92.00. The registration fee includes a Summer Instrumental Program T shirt.
  • Rehearsals for current elementary band and orchestra students (incoming 5th and 6th graders) will be held Monday through Thursday mornings at Bryan Middle School. Each rehearsal is one hour. There will be a rehearsal on FRIDAY, July 7th (in place of the July 3rd holiday). The final performances will be on FRIDAY, morning, July 14.
  • Rehearsals for current middle school band and orchestra students (incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students) will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at York High School. There will be a rehearsal on FRIDAY, July 7th (in place of the July 4th holiday). Middle School Summer Band and Orchestra students may also participate in Jazz Band. The final performance will be on THURSDAY, July 13th.
  • NEW this year, current middle school choir students (incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students) may participate in the summer choir at York High School on Monday and Wednesday evenings (No Class on Monday, July 3rd). Middle school students who register for summer band or orchestra may also enroll in choir at no additional cost. The final performance will be on THURSDAY, July 13th.

The District 205 Summer Instrumental Program is designed to accommodate students who go on vacation and/or participate in other summer activities. Students who can only attend part of the summer program are still strongly encouraged to register and attend whenever they can! Students who practice their instruments during the summer are much more likely to experience continued success in band and orchestra. We strongly encourage your son or daughter to participate as much as he/she is able!

Registration for the Dist. 205 Summer Music Program began on March 20, 2017. You may register for the summer music program by using the Webstore (District) link, also found on the District 205 website: The deadline for registration is Friday, May 12, 2017. More details can be found on the Summer School website.


The testing window for the spring 2017 administration of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment in District 205 will begin on Monday, April 3 and continue through Friday, April 28. These state-required achievement tests in reading and mathematics are being given to all eligible students in grades 3 – 8. Your child’s school will share more specific information about when students will be tested within this window.

In addition to the PARCC assessment, state and federal regulations require each school to assess achievement in science for students in 5th grade, 8th
grade and high school biology. The Illinois Science Assessment will be administered in each school between Monday, March 13 and Friday, March 24. This assessment is approximately one hour in length and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Science.

We anticipate being able to share score reports in the fall. The complete results of these state tests will be also reported on the Illinois School Report Card in the fall. We will review state tests results, along with other information to help us improve our school program. If you have any questions about the administration of these assessments, please contact your child’s principal.


Parents or guardians are expected to schedule vacations during the summer or on school holidays.  In instances where absences are requested for vacation, parents/guardians must submit a written request to the student’s principal two weeks in advance (see attached).  The absence will be considered unexcused if this procedure is not followed.  Students approved for a vacation will be expected to complete missing class work after returning.  Students will be given one day for each day missed to make up work.  The school will not provide class work or assignments in advance.


UCCA Gift Drive/Holiday Wrapping

Enrollment: 419

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Poster Contest Winners!

A student at Field School was the Grand Prize Winner for the Annual Elmhurst “Learn Not to Burn” Poster Contest for 2016. The contest is part of the Fire Safety Program presented to all fourth grade students in District 205 as well as private schools in Elmhurst. Students work on their poster designs under the guidance of their art teachers. The theme of the winning poster was "Practice Your Escape Route". This winning poster was published and distributed throughout Elmhurst before Fire Prevention Week in October. It's an honor that a Field School student's creativity and hard work created such an important message about fire safety. Congratulations!

Science Olympiad


The mission of the Field School community is to empower every student to achieve academic excellence and to become a responsible, caring citizen.